REFER-CDR stands for Renewable Energy for Emission Reduction in Central Denmark Region

With DKK 21.5 mio. from the EU, the Central Denmark Region helps district heating costumers against booming prices, while simultaneously accelerating the green transition.

The project ensures counseling to the 24 partners, providing them with a solid foundation of information when investing in district heating solutions based on renewable energy or energy efficiency.

The heating plants expect to invest for DKK 543.7 mio. in total in new energy efficient technology towards 2021.

Aside from the fact that the district heating plants learn from each other in the project, it is also a goal to disseminate experiences, so that district heating in central Denmark can become exhibition for the green transition.

REFER benefits the climate, the local district heating systems and the economy of the consumers.

Last, but not least, the REFER-CDR will have a positive impact on the industry in the region by maintaining companies' leading position within green technology with 18.700 full-time jobs and an export of green technology of DKK 40 bill. equaling to more than half of the total Danish green export.