Billede fra partnerskabsmøde i oktober 2017

Billede fra partnerskabsmøde i oktober 2017

The 24 companies have, in cooperation with the Central Denmark Region in the EU-supported REFER-CDR project, committed to a total investment of DKK 543.7 mio.

Generally the investments can be divided into three types of energy technology:

  • Heat pumps
    Heat pumps in district heating function as a reversed refrigerator, where you extract heat from an energy source, such as heat waste from the industry, lake water or groundwater. Heat pumps often run on electricity, which of today is more than 50 % green in Denmark.
  • Distribution system
    More and more district heating plants chose to connect with a so-called transmission line in order to exchange heat waste. This offers a number of efficiency-benefits, which both can provide economic advantages and opportunities to harness more renewable energy.
  • Biogas and solar heating
    Several district heating plants in Denmark produce green heat on wood chips-, stubble- and wood pellet-plants or on great solar heating plants. Natural gas heated plants have only limited opportunities to convert to e.g. biomass due to the current legislation. On the other hand, solar heating or heat pumps are often a possibility.

The map illustrates an overview of the 24 companies participating in REFER-CDR (right-click on the map and choose 'open image on new tab' to the see the map in a larger format):