REER-CDR stands for Renewable Energy for Emission Reduction in the Central Denmark Region.

It is a 3-year long project that runs from the 1st of May 2017 to the 30th of April 2021.

The project is supported by the ELENA-initiative under the European Investment Bank with DKK 21.5 mio. to promote the transition to energy-efficient and CO2-reducing technology in district heating.

There are 24 district heating companies from the Central Denmark Region participating in the project, who all have committed to a total investment of DKK 543.7 mio. The investments will reduce the district heating plants' use of natural gas by converting the energy production to alternative CO2-neutral energy sources and by optimizing the distribution of district heating.  

The Central Denmark Region is project leader in REFER-CDR and ensures counseling to the individual companies (approximately DKK 18.8 mio in direct counseling), as well as facilitating workshops and network-meetings focusing on exchange of experience.  


  • REFER will support the 24 energy companies with competent feedback and counseling, which will provide them with a solid foundation of information when investing in district heating solutions.
  • The investment will induce CO2-reduction and higher energy efficiency.

Criteria for Success

  • The project contributes to the plants resilience for the future.
  • The project will provide economic subsidy, as well as added-value in the form of useful feedback and exchange of experience with other district heating plants, improved knowledge and increased security in investment decision-making.
  • Well-documented investments for DKK 543.7 mio. will be initiated during the project's 3 years.

Steering Committee

A steering committee has been appointed.

Chairman of the steering committee: Head of office, Rolf Johnsen, Central Denmark Region

4 district heating plants are represented in the steering committee:

  • Chief operation officer, Jørgen Sørensen, Vinderup District Heating,
  • Executive director, Morten Abildgaard, Viborg District Heating,
  • Chairman of board, Anders Møller, Løsning District Heating and
  • Chairman of board, Morten Bøhm, Værum-Ørum District Heating.